Work with me

  • Do you need help creating online content or live events/training courses?
  • Have you got ideas for videos/courses that would help people but struggle in front of a camera?
  • Would you like somebody fully qualified with many years experience to be presenting to your audience?

Experience + qualifications

Jacci has a wealth of experience in many different areas of mental health, mindfulness, workplace stress, teacher training, children with behavioural problems or anxiety etc and can deliver any training or content that you would like on these or similar subjects. She is a fully qualified Psychotherapist specialising in Transactional Analysis, NLP, The 3 Principles and a nursery nurse. 

Working together

I am happy to:

  • Provide online or in person training + courses
  • Live Q + A’s on Facebook/Zoom
  • Provide Video and Course Content + Handouts
  • Provide Guest Posts / Articles
  • Be a Podcast Guest

I am happy to work with parenting groups, health and wellbeing/mental health groups, charities, schools, education and training establishments etc. If you would like to explore working together please get in touch by clicking the contact us button at the bottom of this page and fill in your details on the contact page. No job is too small or too big!

Previous And Current Collaborations

I’ve worked with a number of companies ranging from small local community based groups to larger online education and support companies. I am happy to collaborate with individuals as well as groups in an online setting.

Below are some of the most recent collaborations:



Pricing varies greatly depending on the work involved. For example a set fee for the whole project or an hourly fee for larger tasks where you own the rights to the content or even a 50/50 profit share partnership/affiliate program with no upfront fee in certain situations if you have a large reach and plan to sell the courses/content but don’t want a huge initial outlay.


If you’d like to work together or find out more about how we could collaborate please get in touch via the contact us page or email me at If you’ve not checked out my about Page, then please take a quick look first for more information.

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