Why wait for a crisis?

Why wait for a crisis?

Why do we sometimes wait for a crisis before we make a change?

We keep going until its too hard, until its too much then we want to change EVERYTHING.

Why do we do that?

Is it because somehow we need to get to a point where we feel so overwhelmed, so down trodden that we get angry and pumped up to make a change?

What if you didn’t need to get to that point?

What if life was so much easier than a lot of us make it?

You don’t need to have it all ‘together’ 100% of the time. It’s ok to NOT be the perfect parent, partner or person.

Just for a minute think about what being a perfect parent means to you. Write a list it might go something like this:-

Making sure my children are ok

There will be times when they are NOT ok.

Having happy contented children

There will be times when they are sad and confused.

Being there for my children

There will be times when that isn’t possible

Protecting then from hurt and pain

Get your wonder woman knickers and put them on over your jeans!

Are you getting the point, we often set ourselves up to fail and then the guilt comes.

We can be stressed and not even realise, so we just keep going. It becomes the norm until that one little thing happens that tips us over the edge and we feel like it’s a crisis. And often the cycle begins again.

Having a safe place to talk about your worries or concerns is important. Getting support from others and knowing what’s ‘normal’ and that you’re not the only one going through this is priceless.

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