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We offer a wide range of services for organisations, both public and private sector, based on Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy principles. This includes both one to one and group coaching, as well a vast range of training half and full days. We can also provide bespoke sessions or online content and handouts according to your needs.

Why Transactional Analysis for your organisation?


Transactional Analysis (often abbreviated to TA) is a psychotherapeutic theory all about relationships, communication, self awareness and growth. It is a fantastic set of principles to establish change for individuals  as well as groups, hence its effectiveness for your teams and your business.


TA is already widely used in many organisations, both public and private sector organisations with great success. It is based on the principle that we believe everyone has the capacity to learn and therefore change! This is what excites us! Even the most challenging of situations can change, we believe using TA will get you there with fantastic results for everyone involved.


Parent Plus is run by Jacci Jones, a fully qualified Psychotherapist who has completed a 4 year diploma in Transactional Analysis, and has a wide range of experience through training, coaching and running her own successful private psychotherapy practise for a number of years.


Here is an insight into the training events we currently offer, and we would invite you to contact us if you have a specific requirement in mind, we regularly create bespoke training sessions for a variety of organisations both in person or online.

Prices start from £300 half day, £600 full day, depending on your requirements.

Private sector organisations

  • Improve communication to become an effective leader.
  • Culture in crisis – understanding how we impact on each other, and the wider organisational community.
  • Managing stress & sickness in the work place
  • Managing conflict
  • Understanding working styles, creating an effective & content team


Organisations in education, social services and other organisations that work with children, parents and families.

  • Managing stress in you and your children
  • Managing stress in you and your pupils
  • Effective leadership in a stressful working environment
  • Managing staff stress and sickness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Managing anxious children
  • Managing anger and aggression in children
  • Building self esteem in children and parents, empowering learners
  • Managing difficult relationships between staff and parents
  • Mindfulness and relaxation

These are just a few examples of topics we can cover, please get in touch and let us know your requirements and the outcomes you would like to achieve and we can make suggestions on what may work for you and your business.

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