I love our slogan at parent-plus more today than ever.

Why do so many of us feel its okey to Blame and Shame’ other parents at the very time they need compassion, support and understanding?

When I think about the recent events in the news involving children, I can’t help my self think that years ago as parents (or even just because we are human) we would have been standing strong together, rallying together a united force sending support and messages of good will and empathy, who remembers the little girl, I think her name was Jessica who fell down a drain hole in her back garden in America?

The whole world followed the emergency teams as hour after hour for over two days they attempted the rescue, in shifts exhausted and emotional, until she came out alive. Where were the Blamers and Shamers’, they didn’t exist!

Fast forward to today a child goes missing, a child falls into a zoo enclosure or a child is taken by an alligator while splashing in the water with his parents.

Where’s the compassion, empathy and support today. Is it easier to ‘Blame and Shame’ today?

‘There for the grace of God go I, I’m NOT a perfect Mum’.

My heart goes out to these parents who yesterday, today or tomorrow have to pack up their belongings and return home without a child. The parents who have to find a way of living when a part of them is missing.

Let’s STOP the ‘Blame and Shame’ game and start to sing and dance to a different tune,

‘I’ll stand by you………….

Take me in, into your darkest hour,

And I’ll never desert you,

I’ll stand by you.

And when, when the night falls on you, baby,

You’re feeling all alone,

You won’t be on your own,


‘I’m not a perfect parent’ 

Jacci Jones.