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“I’d like to thank Sarie & Jacci for the insightful course that a member of my staff completed and the information that is already benefiting the staff and young people within our school and other provision. Put into practice, we see the concepts continuing to provide a calmer and more tranquil learning environment at EdStart.””
– James, Headteacher PRU

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Would you like more specific help, or have a questions for us? We are waiting for your questions and are sure we can help just let us know how. If for whatever reason you need urgent assistance please see our contact us page.

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“Sarie was able to facilitate and participated in all different topics set out for the day such as Child development, Transactional Analysis and Parenting. It can be difficult to find a good trainer who is able to captivate the majority of their audience however Sarie managed this very well and teachers came and spoke about how much they had enjoyed Sarie’s training day.”
– Bernie, Counsellor, CAHMS worker in education & Parent!

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Here are some questions we have already answered that may help you.

I am getting frustrated as I work so hard and do my best to help people make changes, yet despite telling me that they will do x, y and z to help themselves, they don't. I then get fed up and don't feel as motivated to help anymore!

As caring professionals, we can often fall into the trap of wanting to find a solution and fast! This can be for a number of reasons, such as a busy workload, a desire to fix people and wanting to get there quickly! It is also an important part of our roles to coach, and help empower others to make positive changes in their lives, and we don’t need to give them all the answers in order to do that. What families and children often need from us is empathy and understanding. We can often say that we are listening, but at the same time we can be already steps ahead in our thoughts about a solution, which means we may not really be listening properly! Download our LEAVE approach ebook, which will give you a great start and structure, as well as a more in depth look at why this is so crucial. Showing empathy with those that we work with, as well as listening (but properly listening) will empower them to think more clearly for themselves and get better results, and results that will stick rather than a quick fix that fades over time.

I don't feel like I get as much support at work as I need, expectations are high and I am scared to tell them in case they think I can't cope with my job! Which to be honest at times I can't!

You will 100% not be alone in this! In our professions, we are all at risk of burn out if we don’t get the support we need. To be honest, this was one of the biggest drivers for us at Parent Plus to develop the Academy for Professionals. We can empathise with you feeling like you may be exposing yourself in some way by asking for help, but it’s crucial that no matter how you go about it, that you get help and support. We are only human and doing a job in the caring profession is hard work, and can completely zap our energy, so we need to constantly fill our cup back up! We believe that asking for help shows real strength and, actually is not saying no you can’t cope but rather saying I am coping very well by asking for help in the first place! Feel free to join our free group for professionals on Facebook, and also use your peers for support. You do a fantastic job, and you deserve to be taken care of – so start by giving yourself permission to take care of yourself – you will be an even better practitioner for it! There are many people out there that learnt this the hard way and you don’t have to!

We are getting an increasing number of issues around anger in our school, and to be honest, we have more cases than we can handle. The methods that we currently have in place at school do not seem to be working effectively enough, do you have any suggestions?

Without knowing the methods you currently use, it is difficult to suggest changes, so please feel free to message us, and give more details so that we may be able to help further. Based on our current experience of school children and anger this may give you some food for thought. If a child is lashing out, being disrespectful and destructive, then it may be rage that they are showing rather than anger. Anger is positive and important for children to express. If it is rage, then it could be a build up of many overwhelming feelings, not just anger, but sadness, fear and frustration to name a few! If this is the case then we need to consider how this is dealt with, and the best method of helping them manage those feelings is through empathy. We appreciate that this is not easy which is why we are available to help and support you. Download our LEAVE approach ebook, and this will give you a good starting place, but make sure you send us a message if we can help any further!

Parent Plus Academy for Professionals

Sarie & Jacci run Parent Plus together and have now created an Academy just for you, join us in this fantastic journey of helping children and families. If you would like access to coaching and training material with hundreds of pounds, then you can sign up for any of the courses in the Academy at a minimal one off cost per course. Not only will you get all the training and coaching but we are available to support you online, via our support group or you can email us direct as we are ready and excited to help you on your journey as a practitioner. Don’t do it alone, it’s stressful!
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