Parenting an angry Child


❤❤Why can dealing with anger be so difficult? Especially when it comes from our children? ❤❤

It is in part due to the way we see anger and how we feel about it.

We can often see anger as a negative emotion and try and avoid it at all costs….

Our community and society often say they dislike anger too, but are they confusing valid anger with irrational and maybe overwhelming rage?

Anger is a gift to us.

Without anger we would not be who we are as humans, and I am not talking about the negatives, I mean the positives!

It can help us work out how to become more independent…

It can warn us when our boundaries are being stepped on..

It can tell us we are being taken advantage of…

It makes us better and more robust people! (As do all of our feelings!)

We need to embrace anger, and fall in love with it, as it is part of survival for us and just as important as happiness and joy, without it we just wouldn’t exist as we do!

If your child shows anger, then show them empathy for how they are feeling.

Praise them for showing courage and self protection.

Make sure they know anger is ok and it’s important!

Teach them how to express anger in a healthy way, so they don’t become afraid of expressing anger.

If your child is having an aggressive outburst and showing violence they may be experiencing or expressing rage – this is not healthy like anger, we need to empathise and help teach them to sooth themselves, so that they can feel more in control and go back to feeling anger rather than rage.

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