Parent Plus offers support, training and education to parents, teachers and carer’s. We offer an opportunity for parents to access confidential and professional help and support, with all things parenting!

We don’t know about you, but as professionals, we often wonder why emotional support for children when growing up is not ‘just’ as important as education?

We are aware there are some fantastic schools and support services out there, but we are also aware that they are often pushed to their limits. As a result there is not always as much focus on emotional wellbeing as we would like.

Parent Plus fills a gap that we believe is very much needed to support those that are not necessarily at crisis point with their children, but would like to know more about how they can support their child’s emotional needs at home.

This is not just support that impacts on our children but it is very much for YOU too and you will most definitely learn lots about yourself in the process, as we believe it is this that your children will benefit from the most.


Who runs parent plus?

Jacci Jones Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

Jacci jones

Jacci Jones is a fully qualified Psychotherapist trained in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and runs her own private practice in Chorley, Lancashire at Jaccijones.co.uk. 

She has loads of experience working with severely challenging children as a Foster Carer for 12 years. As well as working in a variety of educational and parenting settings, including a huge repertoire of training she has completed as well as delivered. 

Jacci is also a very proud mum of three inspirational kids and a grandparent to a boisterous 2 year old. 

She has lots of fab techniques, training and support to share with you all!

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