Terms & Conditions



How does a Private Facebook Group work?

People outside of the Facebook group ARE able to see who is in the group but they are unable to see any posts or comments inside the group, unless they too are members of the group.

At Parent Plus we cannot be responsible for who is in the group, as we have no idea who is friends with who, therefore impossible or us to monitor this. If this were a concern for you, then we would advise that you have a look who else is a member of the group, so that you can be sure.

All of the Parent Plus groups online are strictly not therapy but rather a support group involving some therapeutic principles covered in blogs or trainings. If you have any questions at all about this please do get in touch and just ask.

If any of the material we share or anything in the group does trigger anything emotionally in you that you feel you need help with then please do seek support. Feel free to contact us and we can point you in the right direction. Also please see the list at the bottom of the page with suggestions and a starting point of where to seek help.

Any advice or support we do give in the group is based on assumption, as we only have limited information and interaction with users if the group. This means that it is an overview of what may help and suggestions, rather than a specific plan for you to follow. You know your children like nobody else; we are here to help fill your toolbox.

When interacting in the group, we have a policy we need you to agree to. Unfortunately these are non negotiable as we want to keep the groups the safe and caring space that they already are – for YOU!

Respect each other’s differences always – we don’t have to always agree with each other but we do need to respect each other in a non-judgemental way.

We do not always get notifications of every post in our groups, so if you do see something that you feel goes against these policies and makes you feel uncomfortable, then please do bring it to our attention.

If you are a carer of Foster Parent, please keep within your boundaries and policies, which are part of your role. Protect the privacy and identity of the children in your care. We advise this in order to protect you as well as the child/children in your care. Don’t forget you can always contact us privately via message.
We will assume that if you post in the group and ask a question, that you are happy for us to also answer you in the group. If for whatever reason, you would like the answer kept private, then please private message us the initial question.

We want to keep this as a positive and productive space for all of you, so we can help you progress, whatever that means for you. It is for this reason that we ask you not to blame or bash others in the group, even those that are not in the group but may be involved in your situation such as ex partners or social workers. This may be frustrating at times as you may want to sound off about others, but we promise you this will not help with change!

Terms and Conditions specific to the ACADEMY

Cancellation Policy: You can decide to leave the Academy whenever suits you, however once you sign up for the Academy the training material for that month becomes immediately available and therefore we are unable to offer a refund on that payment.

If you do wish to leave the Academy then please just ensure that you let us know via message and then cancel your payment before the next payment would be due. Your payment date is the same each month, and will be the date that you initially signed up.

If for any reason you would like to make a complaint to Parent Plus, please email us at parentplus2015@gmail.com and we will be in touch asap.

Parent Plus have the right to remove anyone from the group at any time without notice.
Parent Plus can close their free group with immediate affect at any time.

Parent Plus will give one months notice to Academy members if for any reason they need to close the Academy.

We will always try to respond to our Academy members as soon as we can during working hours (UK based)
If you have any questions on any of the above just let us know!

If you need more specific support or are in crisis please read below:

Ring or text a friend or family member

Ring SANEline, a specialist mental health helpline – 0845 767 8000 between 6pm and 11pm each evening

You can ring Samaritans any time – 08457 90 90 90 – they offer a listening service.

Ring NHS on 111.

Go to your local Accident and Emergency department if you are feeling suicidal or if you have self-harmed and are concerned about it.

We are unable to offer any emergency or out-of-hours support to people in crisis. As we have already stated in our terms and conditions we do not provide therapy in any of Parent Plus’s services.

If you’re in already contact with mental health services and need help:

Contact your local Community Mental Health Team (CMHT)
Contact your crisis team if you have one.

If you have had no contact with mental health services, eg it may be the first time you, or someone else, has been in crisis:

Contact your out-of-hours GP service. Google ‘Out of hours GP in x’ (give your location).

Alternatively, your GP surgery will usually provide an answer phone message advising you of who to contact in an emergency, together with other useful telephone numbers.

Make an appointment with your regular GP, as this is usually the first point of contact for anyone concerned about mental health issues.